1. eyebrows and unemployment

    Thanking the Universe for the Benefit Brow Bar and Meredith who worked her magic on my brows and made me feel human again today. One little chore I really hate doing for myself and they always look so much better when someone else shapes them.

    Maybe soon I will be ready to talk about the fact that I dropped everything and walked away from my job last week (essentially leaving us homeless) and how crazy it feels but how I know I made the right decision.

    For now I’m relishing in the delight of unemployment and no responsibilities of not having to work 18+ days straight with no time off.

    Not only have I gotten my brows done this week but also a mani/pedi and tomorrow having my hair done. Some of these things (hair and nails) I haven’t done for myself in over a year.

    Self care. I’m bad at that shit yo.

  2. potatosmack:


    me tryin’ to get my life together

    Nothing as ever been more accurate

  3. "

    Anxiety is not being to make a phone call to set up an account for college, despite knowing it will make you feel better if you can do it.
    Anxiety is struggling to meet people’s eyes in the hallways.
    Anxiety is crying in the bathroom during gym class because you don’t want anyone to see you run.
    Anxiety is hyperventilating when you notice an envelope that has your testing scores in it, even if you think you did well.
    Anxiety is never wanting to be first in line and never wanting to be last in line.
    Anxiety is double and triple checking that you have enough money to make a purchase, even if you’ve counted it a hundred times before.
    Anxiety isn’t getting nervous when you have a big test; it’s hyperventilating before and after hand and asking your teacher every single day when you get them back.

    Anxiety isn’t cute. Anxiety hurts and makes life hard. Don’t pretend to have it and don’t try to minimalize my disorder.

    Learn this before you talk about anxiety (via cyanide-and-arsenic)
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  5. Sanskrit is a fucking incredible language.


    "Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu" actually means "May all beings everywhere be happy and free, and may the thoughts, words, and actions of my own life contribute to this."

    Not many languages could say that in four words.

    And what an incredible thing to wish upon the world. It’s not just all people on earth, it’s literally every life form currently in existence, and it’s practically an oath to try and contribute to their happiness and freedom from suffering in any way you can.

  6. "She survived whatever happened;
    she forgave; she became."
    W.H. Auden, “The Model” (via wordsnquotes)
  7. proud-atheist:

God – Outsourcing Child Abusehttp://proud-atheist.tumblr.com



    God – Outsourcing Child Abuse


  8. thinkofmewhenuforgetyourseatbelt:

    This elderly couple took a photo in their small garden outside their house for every season of the year, come rain, snow or shine.

    They stood in the same spot for every season and showed off their beautiful little garden, which they were obviously very proud of.


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